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sports-o-zone-machine.jpgThe Sports-O-Zone Sanitizing System is the only solution to tackle the tough task of both deodorizing and sanitizing your equipment against harmful bacteria which can cause serious skin infections and, in some cases, death.

The patented systems, used in the Sports-O-Zone Sanitizing System, use the natural occurring substance Ozon

e (O3) to completely deodorize and sanitize your equipment. The unit generates ozone onsite so there is no need for consumables. Since ozone is a gas, it can deodorize and sanitize those hard to reach places on your equipment, making sure you get a greater than 99.9% kill rate of bacteria, viruses and molds.

The unit is adaptable and safety oriented. A lockout device is used to eliminate unauthorized use. Also it is the only sanitizing solution that is completely mobile.  When the unit has completed its cycle, you simply remove your equipment, put it on and resume your day. There is no need for a post-cycle application of liquid agents.

The Sports-O-Zone sanitizing process leaves your equipment with the scent of a “fresh spring rain” – without any residue from foreign materials, metals or oils.  You gain the peace of mind that your equipment is clean and safe from harmful bacteria, like Staph and MRSA.

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Models 4201, 4201A, 4201B and 4201T - Vending Models 4202 and 4203

(Contact a representative for the product that best fits your needs.)


Accommodates up to 30 helmets or 15 shoulder pads


Exterior Stainless Steel


Caster wheels and narrow profile allow easy mobility and ability to fit through a standard 30” doorway

Dimensions / Weight

66” long x 51” high x 24” wide and 350 pounds

Internal Storage

A removable hanging bar and removable shelving allow for multiple application set-ups

Cycle Time

Approximately 18-minute ozone sanitization/reduction cycle and up to a 60-minute moisture reduction cycle (MRC)

Cycle Controls

You can choose from 3 separate settings:

  1. Ozone only,
  2. a 30-minute moisture reduction cycle, followed by ozone (good for helmets), or
  3. a 60-minute MRC followed by ozone. NOTE: The 4201T allows you to choose your ozone sanitation times.
  4. Vending models do not have moisture reduction cycles.

Ozone Control System

Our Smart Technology system monitors ozone levels during the process to ensure optimum sanitization and reduction of ozone to at or below regulatory limits

Micro-organism Kill Rate

Greater than 99.9%

Ease of Operation

Push button start with digital cycle time read-out

Residual Residue

Does not coat equipment with any foreign materials, metals or oils

Post Application Agents

Unit does not require post-cycle application of liquid agents


Patented sanitizing system

Electrical Connection

110 volt electrical system

Consumable Materials



5-year limited warranty on parts, 10 year warranty on stainless steel (see warranty for exclusions)


Replace Ozone Sensor once per year (NOTE: No sensor technology in 4201B & 4201T.)

Machine Features

Ozone Safety
4201T 4201 4201A 4201B 4202 4203
Plunger switch stops ozone production when door is open
Door magnet will not release door until ozone has been brought into OSHA regulatory limits
System locks door
Unit manufactured at an EPA registered site
Entrapment Safety
4201T 4201 4201A 4201B 4202 4203
Illuminated emergency stop button within - stops ozone production and opens door, allowing for escape
Smart Technology System
4201T 4201 4201A 4201B 4202 4203
Controls ozone production & monitors ppb
Monitors temperature & humidity
Records ozone, temperature & humidity readings for downloading
Ozone sensor
Security codes can be set up to control who operates the unit
Moisture reduction cycle
Vending Capabilities
4201T 4201 4201A 4201B 4202 4203
Downloadable transaction information
Bill and coupon acceptor
Bill, coupon and credit card acceptor

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Ozone Trailer









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I wish every school could have the access to an Sports-O-Zone Sanitizer.  It is an excellent tool in the ongoing fight against the spread of disease.” 

- J. Routhier, LAT, ATC,  Athletic Trainer, Concord High School


“We have not had a case of MRSA since starting to use the Sports-O-Zone sanitizing system.”

- D. Davies, Director of Athletic Training, Bowdoin College


“The Winnipeg Jets have been using the Sports Ozone machine since our return to the NHL in 2011. We find the machine very convenient to use and run the players equipment through the machine… The Sports Ozone machine plays a big part in our efforts to avoid bacterial infections from hockey equipment. The machine keeps the equipment smelling fresh as well, helping keep our Dressing room smelling good.”

- J. McMaster, Head Equipment Manager, Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club


“The best story I would like to share is the one with my daughter and her friends who play Volleyball. While travelling back from one of their volleyball tournaments I had to open the windows because the odor was that bad. I told the girls to dry out their equipment and bring it to me the next day. I ran their knee pads and shoes through one cycle of the Sport-O-Zone machine and there was no more smell. The girls could not believe the difference.

Thanks for helping us keep our equipment truly clean and sanitary.”

- M. Diboll, Vice-Principal, Athletic Department Supervisor, Portage Collegiate Institute

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