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Locker Room 

  • Odor Control - Odor is a huge concern in all locker rooms and points to bacterial growth. Sanitizing your locker room with ozone helps eliminate these odors, and more importantly, significantly reduces the threats of MRSA and Staph.


  • Bacterial Control - Ozone ranks ahead of hydrogen peroxide, iodine and bleach in sanitizing capabilities, and has no residue. Apply ozone directly to equipment or turn your equipment storage room into an ozone chamber.


  • Facility Control - Minimize the risk of infection by treating the whole facility. Great for equipment, weight and training rooms, as well as wrestling/gymnastic workout areas.


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Proven Uses

  • Dry and Sanitize Gear (helmets, pads, etc.)
  • Control Microbial Organisms, Odors & Moisture
  • Low-Cost and Quick Method
  • Lightweight and Portable (rolls wherever you need it)
  • Sanitize a Room
  • Energy Efficient, Use Only the Rows You Need


How It Works

The Gear Blaster is comprised of a steel structure with a control unit made of ozone generators (17,500 mg/l of ozone output) and features 40 air drying ports or tubes that supply warm air or ozone (individually or a combination of the two) to sanitize gear and facilities. The ports may be turned on/off by row and they come with adaptors to allow access to dry and sanitize such hard-to-reach areas as the toe box of footwear.

NOTE: The ozone cycle produces high levels of ozone and should not be used in the presence of people, pets or indoor plants.  The control unit works to limit ozone production. The unit significantly reduces bacteria and viruses on hard surfaces and reduces odors. Ideal for locker & equipment rooms, trailers, etc. for microbial and odor control under proper supervision and following safety parameters. The room can be safely re-entered 5 hours after engaging the ozone cycle.

Gear Blaster Product Specifications:

  • Item #: GB-100
  • Package includes 20 L-Tube extensions to accommodate tough drying applications  (Great for footwear, boxing gloves, scuba boots, gloves, etc.)
  • Drying time varies, according to ambient temperatures and humidity levels – for best results aim for >50˚ F and humidity at <70%. When using warm air, it’s best to maintain a temperature ~10˚ F above ambient temperature

Control Unit:

  • Control unit does not allow a continuous run cycle on ozone - only 1 to 99 minutes run times
  • Allows user to run dry cycle with or without ozone cycle
  • Variable settings to accommodate short or long drying cycles
  • Warm air dry cycle can run from 1 to 99 minutes or continuous
  • Ozone system designed to allow a slow start to ozone generation level (within regulatory guidelines) so a room can be safely evacuated by personnel operating unit
  • Great for overnight use


  • 48”H x 58”W x 24’D with 4 industrial casters
  • Total weight: 120 lbs.
  • 110 volt, 13 amps
  • 1,000 watt heater, 400 CFM blower
  • Our non-tumble style drying feature is safe and effective in accordance with NFPA 1851

Area Covered:

  • Up to 2,000 square feet can be covered at one time.  Additional square footage can be covered by moving the unit around the room.  Unit controls bacterial growth and significantly reduce odors.









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