decon-zone.png  Trailer - Take Your Cleaning System on the Road

Decon Trailer

Stay Clean While You Travel

  • Patented Sanitizing System Technology
  • Handles 34 times the capacity of our standalone Decon Zone unit
  • Trailer may be used as either a mobile or a stationary sanitizing solution
  • Draws only 10 AMP and requires 110V electrical hookup

Three-Part Package Available (Part#:  DT-100PKG), Includes:

Our machine was designed for the field.  Wherever you need it, we can work with you to meet that need.

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Product Specifications

  • Part #: DT-100
  • Mobile or stationary sanitizing solution with trailer stabilizing jacks.
  • E-track tie down system.
  • LED clearance & tail lights on entire trailer, Brite aluminum front corners, ATP stone guard protection, and side wall blocked off dust control system.
  • 030 white smooth aluminum glued seamless exterior and 024 white smooth aluminum ceiling and interior walls.
  • ¾” plywood floor with raised coin flooring for traction; ⅜” plywood wall liner; insulated ceiling; roof bow, walls and cross members 16” on center; and 6” junior I-beam.
  • Control unit:
    • Allows user to run moisture reduction cycle and the ozone cycle independent of each other or in combination.
    • Variable settings to accommodate short or long cycles.
    • Moisture reduction cycle can run from 1 to 99 minutes or continuous.
    • Ozone cycle can run from 1 to 99 minutes, but does not have a continuous setting.
  • Safety features:
    • Ozone sensor and safety level monitor.
    • Emergency stop switch located inside the trailer in case of entrapment.
    • Door switch to only allow the system to operate with the door safely closed
    • Motorized dampers, 889 CFM fan with 1,350 CFM air curtain.
    • Air exchange every 45 seconds during moisture reduction cycle and ozone purge cycle.
    • Ozone production capacity of 56,000 mg/hr.
  • Dimensions: 7’ W x 14’ L x 6 ½’ H
  • Weights:  GVWR 7,000 lbs. – Trailer weight is: 3,200 lbs. – Trailer Capacity is: 3,800 lbs. – Tandem 3,500 lbs.  Torsion rubber ride axle system.
  • Ramp capacity 2,000 lbs.
  • Third member tongue system.
  • Optional Pintle hitch and military tire
    • Part #: Hitch-Tire

NOTE: Ozone cycle produces high levels of ozone and should not be operated in enclosed spaces where people are present (i.e. inside garages, warehouses). Outdoor use only.









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