decon-zone.png  Sanitize. Deodorize.  Get the FUNK Out!

Common Uses

  • decon-zone-machine.jpgArmor
  • Blankets
  • Combative gear like Spartan Training Gear, HIGH GEAR, RedMan, etc.
  • Sleeping bags
  • Kevlar vests
  • Medical equipment, stethoscopes, lab coats, knee braces, elbow braces, portable stretchers, back boards, etc.
  • Mess kits
  • Military, law enforcement and first responder equipment
  • Riot gear
  • Shoes
  • Sports gear, boxing, MMA
  • Training gear
  • Water containers, canteens
  • Flight suits
  • Scuba gear
  • and more.......

Change Your Definition of Clean

  • Effective Cleaning – System removes viruses, bacteria, mold & other biological pollutants
  • Reduces Illnesses and Incidences of Infections – Includes Staphylococcus aureus & Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) – tested on STAPH, MRSA, and Candida bacteria with over a 99.9% kill rate
  • Safe – Unique Smart Technology tracks temperature, humidity levels and controls ozone at or below regulatory limits
  • Fast, Easy-to-Use – Push-button start and 24 minute cycle, means less downtime for equipment
  • Green Technology – Uses ozone for a chemical-free clean, with no need for bleach, iodine or hydrogen peroxide
  • Durable – Stainless steel machine with five-year warranty components and 10-year stainless steel

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Whatever Your Need … We Have the Solution

Bacterial Elimination or Destruction - Decon Zone and Trailer System

  • When you can control the time and concentration of ozone it helps destroy and kill bacteria.  Our products help that cause.

Bacterial Reduction and Odor Control - Eliminator

  • Ozone gas is a proven disinfect that can kill bacteria and eliminate odor.  This product not only controls bacteria and odor, it has facility applications.  Control bacteria and odor in your weight rooms and training centers.

Bacterial Control - Rack, Bags, Hangers and Hanger System

  • To control the environment with a free-flow of air helps to reduce moisture (water), thus eliminating the ability of bacteria to survive and multiply. 


Models 4201, 4201A, 4201B and 4201T

(Contact a representative for the product that best fits your needs.)


Accommodates up to 40 helmets & 16 ballistic vests


Exterior Stainless Steel


Caster wheels and narrow profile allow easy mobility and ability to fit through a standard 30” doorway

Dimensions / Weight

66” long x 51” high x 24” wide and 350 pounds

Internal Storage

A removable hanging bar and removable shelving allow for multiple application set-ups

Cycle Time

Approximately 24-minute ozone sanitization/reduction cycle and up to a 60-minute moisture reduction cycle (MRC)

Cycle Controls

You can choose from 3 separate settings:

  1. Ozone only,
  2. a 30-minute moisture reduction cycle, followed by ozone (good for helmets), or
  3. a 60-minute MRC followed by ozone. NOTE: The 4201T allows you to choose your ozone sanitation times.
  4. Vending models do not have moisture reduction cycles.

Ozone Control System

Our Smart Technology system monitors ozone levels during the process to ensure optimum sanitization and reduction of ozone to at or below regulatory limits

Micro-organism Kill Rate

Greater than 99.9%

Ease of Operation

Push button start with digital cycle time read-out

Residual Residue

Does not coat equipment with any foreign materials, metals or oils

Post Application Agents

Unit does not require post-cycle application of liquid agents


Patented sanitizing system

Electrical Connection

110 volt electrical system

Consumable Materials



5-year limited warranty on parts, 10 year warranty on stainless steel (see warranty for exclusions)


Replace Ozone Sensor once per year (NOTE: No sensor technology in 4201B & 4201T.)

Machine Features

Ozone Safety
4201T 4201 4201A 4201B 4202 4203
Plunger switch stops ozone production when door is open
Door magnet will not release door until ozone has been brought into OSHA regulatory limits
System locks door
Unit manufactured at an EPA registered site
Entrapment Safety
4201T 4201 4201A 4201B 4202 4203
Illuminated emergency stop button within - stops ozone production and opens door, allowing for escape
Smart Technology System
4201T 4201 4201A 4201B 4202 4203
Controls ozone production & monitors ppb
Monitors temperature & humidity
Records ozone, temperature & humidity readings for downloading
Ozone sensor
Security codes can be set up to control who operates the unit
Moisture reduction cycle
Vending Capabilities
4201T 4201 4201A 4201B 4202 4203
Downloadable transaction information
Bill and coupon acceptor
Bill, coupon and credit card acceptor

Other Sanitation Systems


Rack, Hanger & Bag Systems

Decon Trailer









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280 Gear Blaster Sports-O-Zone.jpg

Informative Video

Operational DVD

Bacterial Growth Facts

Bacteria can double every 20 minutes given the proper food (skin, dander), water (moisture) and a favorable temperature (between 40˚ F and 140˚ F).

A majority of personal protective equipment is stored in closets and non-ventilated rooms, stuffed into lockers/cubby holes, and non-breathable equipment bags. Such storage systems are incubators for bacterial growth.

Reducing any one of the three (food, water or temperature) can help by slowing the growth of bacteria, viruses and molds, reducing the chance of infection.

“The Decon Zone Sanitizing System…isn’t just…for armor…. Personnel are more comfortable wearing armor and other equipment when it doesn’t smell, not to mention that there is less risk to their health. So to sum all of the pluses up: green technology, developed by a veteran, keeps troops healthy, improves morale. Not bad.”
— Eric Graves, Soldier Systems

Houston’s heat and humidity is a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and odor on our tactical equipment.  Our SWAT teams have found the Decon Zone Sanitizing System to be the ideal weapon in keeping our officers safe from rashes, skin infections, and it has prolonged the life of our equipment.  One of the best benefits is putting on fresh smelling equipment.  The Decon Zone is a must in our equipment sanitation protocol.

— T. Dupuy, Houston SWAT Team

"Two sets of FireDex Fire Turn Out Gear were sent out to Decon Zone Sanitization for sample decontamination. A ten year accelerated test was run on the gear to determine detrimental effect if any on the gear. The gear was returned to FireDex after having been processed at Decon Zone’s facility. The gear had not been soiled directly after a fire use as this is not FireDex practice, but it had been used.
On return to FireDex there was no discernible or visible damage to the gear and the gear was decontaminated. We carried out a thorough visible check with the Liner/Outer-Shell separated. FireDex’s conclusion is that the Decon Zone Sanitizing System had no detrimental effect to the Fire Turn Out Gear or its protective qualities."

 T. Moore, FireDex