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Represent Our Product Line: Make a Difference in Your Community

Global Ozone Innovations is always seeking new partners to join us and partner to share the word on what our products can do. Work for yourself and represent a product line that not only makes it quicker, easier and more convenient to clean, but also helps keep people healthier and safer. Our Sanitizing Systems simply cannot be beat when it comes to affordable solutions for sanitizing, cleaning and disinfecting.

Why Join Us?

There are several pros to becoming an entrepreneur and running your own business. We can help with the outcome and remove some of the risk by supporting you with a proven, American-made line of products.

Be a Part of the Growing Trend ... 69 percent of U.S. Entrepreneurs Start Their Businesses at Home.

In addition, what makes us different is that we are about taking care of clients after the sale. We want them to be successful, and that means we will work hard to support you in your efforts.

Reasons Why You Should Start Selling for Us

  1. Be Your OWN boss
  2. Protect your community
  3. Determine your income
  4. Set your own schedule
  5. If you choose Sports-O-Zone, you can work with schools and athletic organizations at every level and other key members of your local and extended community
  6. If you choose Decon Zone, you will interact with law enforcement, military, first responders and other brave men and women who serve our communities nationally and even worldwide
  7. Channel your ambition and sales prowess into something that essentially sells itself
  8. Work with a group of professionals who have a combined 50+ years of small business experience and a background in innovative product creation

The Scientific Evidence Continues to Mount

The value of using ozone to defeat microorganism growth and understanding how it works is something that cannot be refuted. Increasingly, as people gravitate toward less-chemicals and more natural ways of cleaning, ozone-based cleaning methods are becoming more well-known and popular. Our process is the environmental way to sanitize.

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How We Can Help You Get Started

  1. Market Overview
  2. Revenue
  3. Operations
  4. ROI
  5. Marketing Support
  6. Owner's Manual for Unit

Feel free to contact us so we can discuss the opportunities available with Global Ozone.