Our customers say it best.  Here are some of the many testimonials we’ve received about our products.

Decon Zone

“Houston’s heat and humidity is a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and odor on our tactical equipment. Our SWAT teams have found the Decon Zone Sanitizing System to be the ideal weapon in keeping our officers safe from rashes, skin infections, and it has prolonged the life of our equipment. One of the best benefits is putting on fresh smelling equipment. The Decon Zone is a must in our equipment sanitation protocol.”

- T. Dupuy, Houston SWAT Team

"Two sets of FireDex Fire Turn Out Gear were sent out to Decon Zone Sanitization for sample decontamination. A ten year accelerated test was run on the gear to determine detrimental effect if any on the gear. The gear was returned to FireDex after having been processed at Decon Zone’s facility. The gear had not been soiled directly after a fire use as this is not FireDex practice, but it had been used.
On return to FireDex there was no discernible or visible damage to the gear and the gear was decontaminated. We carried out a thorough visible check with the Liner/Outer-Shell separated. FireDex’s conclusion is that the Decon Zone Sanitizing System had no detrimental effect to the Fire Turn Out Gear or its protective qualities."

- T. Moore, FireDex


“The Winnipeg Jets have been using the Sports Ozone machine since our return to the NHL in 2011. We find the machine very convenient to use and run the players equipment through the machine… The Sports Ozone machine plays a big part in our efforts to avoid bacterial infections from hockey equipment. The machine keeps the equipment smelling fresh as well, helping keep our Dressing room smelling good.”

- J. McMaster, Head Equipment Manager, Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club


“We have been utilizing the Sports-O-Zone system since March of 2008 as part of our cleaning regimen.  All helmets, shoulder pads and practice shells are cleaned twice weekly, with individual player padding cleaned on a daily basis.  As a matter of fact, the last thing that we do each day on our way out the door is to clean the 6-7 dozen water bottles and carriers from the day’s practice.

While the disinfectant aspects are obvious and bear repeating again and again, one of the most surprising side effects we have experienced is the overall ‘lack of odour’ in our locker room area.  After years of trying out various air exchange systems without real success, the Sports-O-Zone system has managed to transform the locker room so dramatically that it is noticeable to all around it.”

- G. Hopkins, Equipment Manager, Calgary Stampeder Football Club


“As you know I look after our football program and I can now clean the shoulder pads in one day where it used to take four of us almost a month of prep times and still did not get them as clean and sanitary. We could not even get them to smell fresh until we started using the Sports-O-Zones machine.  As the machine kills all bacteria we feel confident when a helmet is switched from person to person that it is truly clean and no chance of any sanitary issues.

“The machine is used by all our sport teams as well as our Physical Education department to clean all their equipment.  It is very easy to use and takes very little time to ensure things are sanitary. It is also used by our Life Skills class to clean many articles found in their sensory room.

“The best story I would like to share is the one with my daughter and her friends who play Volleyball. If anyone thinks that girls equipment doesn’t smell well let me inform you that they sure do. While travelling back from one of their volleyball tournaments I had to open the windows because the odor was that bad. I told the girls to dry out their equipment and bring it to me the next day. I ran their knee pads and shoes through one cycle of the Sport-O-Zone machine and there was no more smell. The girls could not believe the difference.

“I know the machine works and I would not try to clean equipment again without one.

Thanks for helping us keep our equipment truly clean and sanitary.”

- M. Diboll, Vice-Principal, Athletic Department Supervisor, Portage Collegiate Institute


“I would like to thank you and your company for introducing me to your Sports-O-Zone Sanitizing Machine.  It is a wonderful machine that does everything you said it would.  In this age of infections such as Staph and MRSA this product is the best method of prevention that I have found.  It is our job as Athletic Trainers to not only treat and monitor the athletes but also to be a prevention advocate and the Sports-O-Zone Sanitizer is by far the best prevention tool to eradicate pathogens as well as prevent exposure and the spread of infections.

We have not only used the Sports-O-Zone Sanitizer to sanitize our athletic gear such as helmets, shoulder pads, thigh and knee pads, wrestling head gear, and volleyball pads, but we have also started a program to regularly sanitize our science safety goggles, language head phones, and various items from our nurses clinic. We are extending the use to our Jr. High and organizing a schedule to allow their athletic equipment to be sanitized as well.  I am sure that as we progress we will find many uses for the Ozone Sanitizer to help combat disease in our school.

I wish every school could have the access to an Sports-O-Zone Sanitizer.  It is an excellent tool in the ongoing fight against the spread of disease.” 

- J. Routhier, LAT, ATC,  Athletic Trainer, Concord High School


“After I finished using the Sports-O-Zone machine on all the helmets and shoulder pads in the locker room, several players commented as I finished ‘that the locker room smelled better’.”

- T. Ritter, E.M.C., Ball State University


“We have not had a case of MRSA since starting to use the Sports-O-Zone sanitizing system.”

- D. Davies, Director of Athletic Training, Bowdoin College


"The Sports-O-Zone sanitizing system works great.  After 3 years of ownership, and multiple Sports-O-Zone systems in several rinks, we have not had one customer complaint.  We have seen sales climb every year and with continued effort we really believe sanitizing gear will become the standard in years to come."

- W. Anderson, Athletic Innovations









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